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About The Academy

Welcome to The Academy –

The Epicenter of Clinical Excellence and Learning.

Upgrade Your Skills, Elevate Your Practice: Transform Your Clinical Expertise with The Academy.

At the heart of The Clinical Geek Squad, The Academy stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of mental health education. The Academy is dedicated to offering specialized continuing education tailored specifically for counselors, social workers, and psychologists. Embrace a journey of professional development where mastering new therapy techniques and keeping abreast of the latest research isn't just a goal but a continuous reality.


The Academy serves as your comprehensive hub for learning, growth, and excellence in your clinical practice.

Explore the wealth of opportunities inside The Academy:

Live Training Sessions: Participate in interactive, real-time sessions led by industry experts, designed to sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding of complex clinical topics.

Online Modules: Access a range of meticulously crafted online learning materials at your own pace, allowing for flexible yet effective education.

Expert-Led Workshops: Immerse yourself in workshops conducted by renowned specialists, providing hands-on experience and practical knowledge in various therapeutic methodologies.

Certification Courses: Elevate your qualifications with a variety of certification courses, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your field.

The Academy is committed to fostering a culture of accountability and support among its members, ensuring that each individual's journey in continuing education is both enriching and rewarding.


By joining The Academy, you become part of a community dedicated to not just maintaining but elevating the standards of clinical practice.

Why remain stagnant in your professional journey when there's a world of possibilities to explore and conquer? Enrich your clinical prowess and set new benchmarks in your practice with The Academy. Enroll today and be part of a movement that's reshaping the future of mental health care. Let's soar to new heights of clinical expertise together!

The Academy hosts in person continuing education trainings on the 4th Friday of every month in Atlanta, GA

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Call for Speakers

The Academy, a division of the Clinical Geek Squad, specializes in offering continuing education programs for our community of inquisitive and skilled clinicians. Excitingly, we're introducing our "Forward Thinking Fridays"!

Are you keen to contribute as a speaker at The Academy? We are on the lookout for talented individuals who can deliver clinically relevant, thought-provoking, and engaging lectures for our live training sessions.

We intend to secure CEs from LPCAGA, NBCC, and GPA for these sessions.

If you're a licensed professional with a topic that aligns with our standards, we invite you to fill out our presenter application form linked below. We aim to foster unique educational experiences, and we are in search of speakers who can present original, enthralling, and groundbreaking material.

We are enthusiastic about collaborating with you to offer our members top-tier training and educational experiences.

Get the Speaker Application

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