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The Origins of
The G33ky Clinicians

About G33ky Clinicians

Welcome to G33ky Clinicians, where we unite mental health professionals navigating the thrilling yet challenging world of private practice. Founded by Dr. Debra Dantzler in 2023, our community stems from a fundamental need for connection, support, and shared wisdom among peers.

At G33ky Clinicians, we understand that stepping into private practice is more than a career choice—it's a journey that requires clinical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Many of us start this path with a solid therapy and patient care background but soon realize that managing a business involves a steep learning curve. It's easy to feel isolated when faced with the intricacies of entrepreneurship in mental health.

This is why Dr. Dantzler after embracing full-time private practice and experiencing the challenges of solo business management. They envisioned a space specifically designed for clinicians like you. Our community is tailored to those seeking more than technical advice—we strive for deeper connections and genuine, ongoing support.

Joining G33ky Clinicians means becoming part of a vibrant community where you can:

Connect with Peers: Engage with fellow mental health professionals who understand the unique challenges and rewards of running a private practice.
Gain Business Insights: Access resources, workshops, and seminars that focus on the business aspects of private practice, from marketing strategies to financial management.
Receive Tailored Support: Benefit from personalized guidance through mentorship programs and peer consultation groups, catering specifically to the needs of mental health entrepreneurs.
Enhance Your Skills: Participate in continuing education opportunities to advance your clinical and business acumen.
Build Lasting Relationships: Forge meaningful connections that go beyond professional networking, creating a support system that lasts throughout your career.

G33ky Clinicians is more than a community—it's a place where you can grow, share, and thrive as a clinician and an entrepreneur.

Whether you're just starting or looking to expand your practice, our community offers the companionship, knowledge, and tools necessary to navigate the journey ahead with confidence.

Join us today and empower your practice with the support of a community that truly understands what it means to be a geeky clinician.

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Benefits of the
G33ky Clinicians

When you join  G33ky Clinicians, you can expect a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Building meaningful relationships with other professionals in the clinical field.

  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking.

  • Sharing experiences and insights to help each other grow personally and professionally.

  • Providing emotional support during the highs and lows of private practice.

  • Access to resources and knowledge that can assist in navigating the business aspects of running a practice.

  • A platform to discuss and explore different strategies for diversifying income and expanding offerings.


Above all, G33ky Clinicians aims to create a sense of community and belonging for those in the clinical field. It recognizes that the journey can be challenging, but with the support of like-minded individuals, one can thrive and find fulfillment in their own business or private practice.

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