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Dr Debra Dantzler  3d Psychotherapy The

In 2016 I went full-time in my private practice. It was exciting yet I was nervous af. I was comfortable in the clinical work but running a business. I longed for community. I wanted to be in spaces with others like me - those trying to figure this ish out. What I found were clinical consultation groups but that's not what I needed. I got a business coach and joined a few masterminds. Each of those was valuable but I was still longing for connection and community. Being in private practice was lonely. I grew my practice and began to diversify my offerings and income. That is when I realized I needed that connection and community even more.

A community for clinicians who are passionate about clinical work. Clinicians with a growth mindset. Clinicians who want to create products, services, and offerings. Clinicians who subscribe to life-long learning. Clinicians who walk in love and make values-based decisions. Clinicians who believe in collaboration and cooperation. Clinicians who operate in abundance and act as cheerleaders for each other. High-vibing clinicians.  Clinicians that get so geeked up about what they do, it radiates.

Subscribing to this community will add value to one's professional skills. It offers space to grow as a business owner, as a clinician, and as a high-vibing human.  The Accountability and the Writer's Clubs will ensure you're getting ish done. The Book Club is an intimate space for learning and critical discussion. Get your brain stretch on. TGC Academy will offer continuing education. TGC Academy will cover the required topics for licensure/certification renewal. TGC pledges ours will not be the boring (let's get this done so I can get these ceu's) training of yesteryear. Both the presenters and the content are going to be innovative and engaging.


About Us

Discover, Grow, Connect.

Dive deep into a supportive community of ambitious clinicians, where learning and advancement aren't just goals, but a way of life. Whether you're an aspiring writer, a voracious reader, or someone seeking to upskill, the G33ky Clinicians has a space tailored just for you. Join our distinct clubs or immerse yourself completely with an all-inclusive membership. Your journey to professional enrichment begins here.

The Academy

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CALL FOR Proposals:
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Thanks for being a speaker!

The Academy is the branch of the  G33ky Clinicians that provides continuing education training for our community of intellectually curious clinicians. We are launching our Forward Thinking Fridays!!


Are you interested in being a speaker at The Academy? We seek presenters and speakers who can provide clinically relevant, insightful, and engaging content for our in-person training. 


We will apply for CEs from LPCAGA, NBCC, and GPA.

If you believe you have a topic that meets our criteria, we encourage you to complete the presenter application form linked below. Our goal is to provide unique learnin
g opportunities and we are seeking presenters who can deliver creative, captivating, and innovative content.

We look forward to working with you and providing our members with high-quality training and education.

Forward Thinking Friday!

Coming Up Next

Clinicians often deal with imposter syndrome. Whether it's the new clinician questioning their ability as they begin in the profession, or experienced clinicians as they try new ventures, we all will face the challenge of imposter syndrome. This lecture will help clinicians identify imposter syndrome in themselves. Clinicians will also learn which of the five types of imposter syndrome they face. And they will also learn strategies for dealing with imposter syndrome when it occurs.

Learning objectives:

a. Defining imposter syndrome

b. Understand the five types of imposter syndrome and identify which one affects them

c. Learn strategies to use when confronted with imposter syndrome

d. Understand how imposter syndrome affects marginalized groups

  • Identifying and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
    Identifying and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
    Fri, Aug 16
    Aug 16, 2024, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Decatur, 308 Clairemont Ave, Decatur, GA 30030, USA
    Clinicians often deal with imposter syndrome. Whether new clinicians question their ability as they begin in the profession or experienced clinicians as they try new ventures, we all will face the challenge of imposter syndrome. This lecture will help clinicians identify imposter syndrome

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